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Aerotow Training

by Dave Taylor

If you′re going to learn glider towing it is important to learn both sides of the towline.

A good glider tub trainer is the Seagull Models Arising Star ( The tug we use as a trainer is based on this model, but it has been changed to a tail dragger and the power plant is an OS52 fourstroke. Not a lot of power but it will tow up the 98" 2.25lb Grauna Baby - although you do need to be careful and not climb too steep.

The first thing to do is start with just pulling the rope, then we move on to pulling a Ridge Runt (50" wingspan and 1lb). The tug is quite happy pulling this glider and this gets the tug pilot used to doing steady climbs to height.

Glider Tow Video Click on a video of a glider tow from takeoff to landing.

We then move on to the slightly bigger gliders and the tug pilot learns to fly a steady climb rate and to zigzag across the wind so keeping it all close in and able to make adjustments easy to see.

Later on we move on to doing circuits when the wind isn′t blowing too strong and then we move on to making lower circuits with the glider on tow so we can roll the glider on tow....

Go on give it a try.


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