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Bead Bracelets

You will need:

  • Elasticated cord thread - gold and silver is particularly attractive but any other colour will do. This can be obtained from art and craft stores.
  • A collection of beads/charms with a hole large enough to thread elastic through. Again these can be purchased from art and craft stores but there are some specialist bead shops around that have an especially interesting selection. You could also use any old or antique beads you may have.
  • PVA glue or clear nail varnish.

Cut a piece of elastic long enough to go around wrist + another 15cm is a good guide.

Tie a secure large knot in end, this can be done by tying several knots on top of each other. Not so tight though that it cannot be taken out later.

Next sort your beads, you will need enough beads to go around your wrist. Try to find colours and shapes that marry together well. If you are adding a charm, think where you want this to hang - about halfway through the beads usually works well.

Thread beads in chosen pattern on to elastic until you reach wrist size, this may take a bit of manoeuvring.

When you are satisfied carefully take out the original knot you tied to hold beads in place. This can be a bit tricky as you have to keep hold of the other end of elastic at the same time (could ask someone to help you) otherwise you will loose beads.

Tie both ends together using several knots on top of each other but this time tightly.

Cut any remaining ends of elastic close to knot.

Finally, secure in place by dabbing PVA glue or clear nail varnish directly on to the knot and push the knot into one of the beads to hide it. Allow to dry.

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