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Cut Out Doll

You will need:

  • white A4 card or paper
  • felt-tips or coloured pencils
  • scissors
  • Blu-tack (registered trademark of Bostik Findley Ltd)
  • glue stick

The doll can be downloaded as a pdf file by following this link: doll.pdf and then printed onto white A4 card, if you do not have card white A4 paper will do.

Colour in the doll and then cut out.

Colour in the clothes you wish your doll to wear. Then cut them out.

Attach a small amount of Blu-Tack to the back of each garment, this allows clothes to be changed around. Secure in place on doll. For a more permanent finish, fix the clothes using a glue stick.

Clothes may be mixed and matched.

In this case she is dressed up ready to go out.

Here she is with her nightie on and teddy bear ready for bed.