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Felt Bear

You will need:

  • 2 sheets of 21x24cm felt these can be the same shade or different colours. For our bear we used purple and white.
  • Two small buttons for eyes.
  • Various shades of embroidery thread.
  • Tapestry needle and pins.
  • Soft toy stuffing.

The felt bear pattern can be downloaded as a pdf file by following this link: felt-bear.pdf and then printed onto white A4 paper.

Print out the bear template and cut out.

Using the template cut two bear shapes from pieces of felt. Remember to mark place for the eyes and mouth on piece of felt that will be the front of the bear.

Sew buttons where indicated for eyes.

Using embroidery thread sew three stitches on top of one another for mouth.

Place bear shapes together and hold in place with pins.

Stitch round bear with embroidery thread using a running stitch, leaving a gap at side of body for stuffing.

Stuff bear using small amounts of stuffing at a time.

Stitch up gap.

Finally tie a ribbon or plaited wool around neck to finish off.

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