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Macrame Bracelet

You will need:

  • 2-3 metres of a chosen braid or cord
  • clear drying PVA glue
  • scissors

Measure the amount of cord you need by wrapping it around your wrist 3 times. Cut it to length. Take the left over cord and cut off a length about 20cm long. Place this to one side to use later.The leftover thread is what you will use to make the knots.

Take the the piece of cord you wrapped round your wrist (which I will now refer to as the main cord). Place the leftover thread below the main piece. So that they are perpendicular.

Using a basic knot tie the leftover thread onto the main piece.

Now take the right handed ythread and place over the main thread in a loop.

Take the left hand thread and place on top of the right hand thread.

Take the left hand thread and put it under the cross in the middle and pull it out the other side. Take both ends of the leftover thread and pull tight.

This is your first knot. Do this knot again exactly the same

Now do the same knot but start on the left hand side. Loop it over the main thread.

Put the right hand thread on top.

Pull it under beneath the cross.Pull the knot tight like before repeat this again.

Keep on doing the knots. 2 starting on the right, 2 starting on the left.

Continue doing this until the bracelet is the right length . It should go round your wrists but the ends should not quite meet.

Take the last knot and pull it really tight. cut off the leftover threads so they are about 3cm long. Levae the main thread in tact.

Now take both end of the main thread and loop them rounding in a circle so they are on tp of each other.

Now we are going to make the Slider. Take the 20cm length of thread you put aside earlier. Place it beneath the two threads.

Knot it over the two main threads.

Do 2 knots starting on the right hand side and then 2 on the left. Dont pull the last knot too tight. Again cut the treads to about 3cm long.

Now cut your leftover thread to equal lengths and knot the ends.

With sharp scissors cut the pieces 3cm long pices of thread really short so they are flush with the knots and coat with PVA. Be really carefull not to glue the Macrami slider to the main piece of thread.

Your bracelet is now ready to wear. Pull the slider so the bracelet is really big, slide it over your wrist and tighten the slider.

Give it as a friendship bracelet to your friend or keep it all for yourself!

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