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Oven Baked Clay Snakes

You will need:

  • Oven Bake Clay- I normally use Fimo
  • A craft/Scalpel knife or a modelling tool/butter knife
  • A cocktail Stick
  • Tinfoil
  • Baking Tray
  • If an older child is doing this activity you could use a craft knife however if the child is much younger or without supervision then they should use a butter knife or modelling tool.

Oven bake clay - Fimo.

Scalpel knife and cocktail stick.

Butter knife and modelling tool.

Start by choosing about 3 colours for your snake, I tend to use leftovers from other projects.At this point also put down some tinfoil to work on.(It stops the oven baked clay from sticking.)

This is a fun part - blend all of you chosen colours together. You want it so that there are still streaks/swirls of the different colours.

Now using your fingers carefully roll out the oven bake clay.

You need to roll it in such a way that the top cenimetre stays fat because this will become the head.

Roll the other end of the snake so that it is thinner.

Now, you may want an adult to help with this, cut a slit about 1/3 of the way up his head to become the mouth.

Make a tongue out of your chosen colour.

Put the tongue in the snakes mouth and squeeze the snakes head gently.

Now make the eyes, You want to be very carefully that they aren't to big. You could use small glass beads.

Put his eyes in the chosen position.

I like to use a different shade of the main colour of the snake to create a stripe on his back.

Roll out the colour with your fingers so that it is very fine.

Cut up the thin strand and place it in a pattern along the snakes back.

Now you are ready to bake your snake following the instructions on the packet.I bake my snakes on a baking tray covered with tinfoil.

Here is the finished result.

Why don't you try making snakes in different shapes and designs.

Please e-mail me your completed snakes at