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The traditional Mexican Pinata has been adapted here to make a fun item for children to make.

Hung from a doorway inside or dangling from a branch of a tree outside it is guaranteed to provide fun and amusement as children take turns to hit it with a baton waiting for it to crack open.

N.B. To make the game last longer, older children could be blindfolded.

You will need:

  • Balloon
  • Newspaper and plain white paper
  • Small amount of cardboard
  • Strong string or several strands of thin string or binding tape.
  • Masking tape
  • Extra strong cellulose adhesive (this comes in powder form and is added to water)
  • Ready mixed poster paint
  • PVA glue - more about glues
  • Brushes for glue and paint
  • Old pots for mixing glue and paint
  • Ribbon, crepe paper etc for decoration
  • Assorted wrapped sweets and/or very small non-breakable gifts such as badges, hair clips etc.
  • Inner tubes from tin foil for batons


Blow up balloon and tie firm knot in end.

Make up cellulose glue following manufacturers instructions.

Rip some sheets of newspaper into small pieces (no bigger than 10cm square) and using the cellulose glue with a brush, stick all over balloon, covering it about 2 layers thick. Leave a small gap by the knot in the balloon large enough to pass sweets/gifts through. Leave at room temperature overnight to dry.

Cut pieces of card approx 8cm x 3cm. Taking a long piece of string approx 160cm, wind each end around narrowest part of card several times, secure with a knot.

Glue card at separate points to top of balloon or attach with masking tape.

N.B. If you like you can use 2 lengths of string and secure at 4 points at top of balloon.

Using torn up A4 paper, apply another 2 layers to balloon. Build up particularly well over card to ensure string will remain firm. You may have to wait overnight again until completely dry.

Balloon can now be popped and carefully removed from the pinata.

Paint with ready mixed poster paint mixed with a small amount of PVA glue.

When completely dry paint with PVA to give a really firm glossy finish. Wait to dry.

Insert sweets/gifts in cavity at top.

Seal top with parcel tape/masking tape and blend in with paint and PVA.

Finally attach ribbon to give a party feel.


Take the inner tube from a roll of tin foil and paint with ready mixed poster paint mixed with a little PVA. When dry paint all over with PVA.

Another example of a finished Pinata.

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