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T-shirt Scented Bags

You will need:

  • An old T-Shirt
  • Scented Beads or Bath Crystals
  • Ribbon or Braid
  • Optional-A Charm

Take your old T-Shirt and cut out the largest square you can from the front and back.

Cut you square into quarters.

Like this. Put two of your squares to one side until later.

Take your two squares and lay them on top of each other so that they are offset.

Now take your scented beads or bath salts.

Pour the desired amount on to the square, you don't want to much or else they will be hard to tie up.

I like to scoop my pile into a neat circle to make it easier however it is not necessary.

Now pull up the corners and try to tuck the sides inwards. You don't want there to be anyway that the scented beads or bath salts can escape.

Choose a nice ribbon.

Now carefully pinch in the top of the bag and tie it up with a piece of ribbon.

If you want to you could now tie on a Metal or oven-baked-clay charm.

In another article we made some oven bake clay snakes.


These are great presents that children can easily make for friends and relatives.