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by Charles Darley

takes part in 24 HOUR ENDURO 2001

This was the camping area in which the work of preparing battery packs took place in addition to sleeping drinking and eating. Thank you Chris for the excellent job you did in the camp kitchen. The food was wonderful and readily available.

The craft operated very well although we did have a down time of 1 hour when the steering and propeller had to be over hauled due to entanglement with a marker buoy.

In the above pictures the results of impact with a marker buoy are being considered by Martin and David. The accident took place at the end of the 5th hours run. In the end the whole of the drive shaft and propeller had to be removed straightened and reinstalled. Total down time 1 hour. This was the only time other than for battery changes the the craft came to the quay side.

Here all the boats of the 6 teams taking part can be seen. Scot ranger is on the left hand side.

Scot Ranger takes the difficult turn to starboard very close to the bank.

We brought home a grand trophy for the highest sponsorship, nearly £1000 and the members of every team received a certificate as a memento of their participation.

The happy team at the end of the event. We wish to thank everyone who helped us during the weekend and especially to the generous corporate sponsors whose names decked the craft for the 24 hours of the event.

We have learned a great deal from this event and were now planing the entry for the 2002 event but such an event did not take place.

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