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Glass vase - Roy LouisCreating the right look with glass objects is not easy. One way is to use glass. Although, this is a real challenge unless you happen to be very experienced in working with glass. Some objects may be constructed from perspex. The results can be very impressive.

Glass objects on stand - Roy LouisWhen maching perspex care should be taken not to overheat and melt the plastic. The final polishing can be done using very fine wire wool.Lamp - Roy Louis The decoration on the lamp was added using enamel paint and a very fine brush as the lamp on the right is only 30mm high.

GlazingIn some cases real glass may be used. The cake shop shown here uses 1.5mm thick glass with a very thin bead of white silicon to keep each pane in place, the excess silicon was removed using a very sharp knife. The same transparency would be hard to achieve using plastic sheeting and any small marks would be very difficult to remove.