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Warhammer Gaming Board - Part 2

By: Patrick Taylor

Before spraying the board with black paint, we covered up the trees with white kitchen towel, as repainting trees would not be easy!

The next task was to undercoat the whole board in "Chaos Black" - a black spray undercoat from Games Workshop - or you could go down to your local car spare parts shop and buy a black undercoat - you will need a large can and need to do this outside as you need lots of ventilation.

This is the board after its second coat. Here we’ve taken the covering off of the trees.

Here the ‘dirt’ covering the majority of the board has been painted brown, before being dry brushed with a creamy colour.

The grey cliffs were first painted a darker grey, before being over brushed with the same colour but with a little more white mixed in.

The walls of the house were painted a yellowy creamy colour before I added more white to the mix and dry brushed that colour on top. The thatch on the roof was painted using a similar technique, but the mix had more yellow and less white in it.

The water in the river was painted a mixture of blues and green. The ratio of these two colours that you put in will make the river look deeper or faster flowing.

The brown around the base of the house helped make it look dirtier. The shutters and door were painted brown, and the iron strips across them were painted black.

The six images show the final board from different angles.

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