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Warlord Titan - Part 2

By: Nigel & Patrick Taylor

The legs sprayed with black undercoat.

You can see that we are still missing the upper armour, but we have added lots of cables to make the legs look busier and more interesting.

The legs have quite a wide stance to make the model stable - we don't really want it falling over on a gaming board and wiping out a lot of models.

Here you can see the cables.

The wire mesh is aluminium and used for reinforcing fibreglass. It is easy to bend into different shapes and once formed we fixed it to the mdf armour using 5 minute epoxy.

The centre "pelvis" area has the cables running into it and is again closed off using wire mesh.

The bundles of wires - from a heavy duty copper cable.

These wires run through the ankle and knee joints as these then give clear and well defined routing points that have some logic.

You can also see the grooves that were cut into the side plates of the armour.

This image now shows the upper leg armour in place.

The upper armour plates were fixed to the legs using 6mm mdf spacers.

This shows the legs complete in black undercoat.

The stance looks good and the armour covers all of the vital mechanicals as viewed from the front.

Next we move onto the upper body - Part 3.

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If you have any similar models then we would like to hear about them, ed.