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5 Cylinder Rotary Engine - Part 3

Nigel Taylor

I remember now what got me before....the number of parts, 5 off of nearly everything.

The stages of the cylinder and liner going together. the final image shows the bottom of the cylinder that locates in the crankcase.

The cylinder liners are mild steel with an outer aluminium cylinder. In the photo you can see the register at the bottom of the liner that locates in the crankcase.

My thoughts are now with the crankshaft, pistons and conrods. The crankshaft will be mild steel. This needs to be fairly substantial as the whole engine and propeller rotates around it.

Firstly though I need to make a phosphor bronze main bearing that is located in the crankcase.

Using a V-block to clamp the piston of my rotary engine to drill the gudgeon pin hole. As there were 5 pistons to drill exactly the same I set up the V-block and clamped it to the milling table.

The V-block clamp is quite large and would have hit the chuck so I used another piece of bar-stock and a piece of brass angle to apply the clamping force, thus allowing the clamp to be moved away from the line of the chuck.

The drill is a 2mm HSS coated in TiN (Titanium Nitride).

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If you have made a similar engine and would like to share your experience we would love to hear from you - ed.