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Two Cylinder Two-Stroke Aero Engine

Designed and built by: N. Taylor
Two cylinder two-stroke aero engineThe two cylinder two-stroke aero engine was designed around a commercially available piston, liner and connecting rod from an OS 25FSR. The crankshaft was made in parts and the crankcase machined from a solid billet of aluminium. Although, the engine ran smoothly and managed to turn an 11x7 propeller at 8000rpm whilst still being run-in it had some not inconsiderable design flaws. Two cylinder two-stroke aero engineAs can be seen from the photographs the exhaust ports are on one side and the inlet port on the other side of the engine. In this photograph the carburettor is omitted. The inlet port sits in the middle of the crankcase between the two cylinders. The drawing shows the internals of the engine and from this it can be seen that the crankcase has been split into two.
Section of engine internals