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Miniature Oscillating Engine

Nigel Taylor

This is a tiny oscillating engine that was made by Roy Taylor around 1995-1998

Up close like this it doesn′t look quite so beautiful. However, in the images below you can see it against a common match and you then get the scale - quite remarkable.

Compressed air/steam goes in through the pipe and exhausts through the hole next to it. This is single acting with a piston diameter of around 2mm and a stroke of around 3mm.

There is quite a bit of solder in evidence, but for all of that it turns over very smoothly.

Against a match you get the scale of the engine.

This was made, run and then put to one side. It would be nice to construct a base for it so that it could be displayed.

If you have made a similar engine and would like to share your experience we would love to hear from you - ed.