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Oscillating Engine - Part 2

Nigel Taylor

The engine now has a small flywheel that is running at roughly 2.5x crank speed.

The next stage was to make the engine look a bit nicer and so one of the first things was to lighten the 1/4" plate.

One issue I always have is I place the vice on the table, bolt it down and then align it by rotating it. I then think about a rotation by so many degrees and realise I have not set a zero.

This is easy to rectify using a piece of tape and then marking off the zero point.

One part machined and the next blued and ready for marking out.

Marked and centred punched, the plate was then drilled using a 6mm drill at the points marked and then machined using a 6mm slot drill.

A piece of thin brass was bent over the cylinder and then drilled and tapped 8BA.

The intention is to paint the cover and leave the brass screws as they are.

This engine needed a bold colour. At first I thought blue, but then someone said to me red - so a search of the spray paints at Halfords and I came out with a bright Ford Rosso Red...

Not sure if I should paint the end of the cylinder cover red or not, this may change by the time you finally see it on a wooden base.

The cutouts were lined in red, a lot of masking and then finally cleaning any overspray to get a crisp finish.

The brass gear was machined to make it look lighter.

One last piece I would like to make is a pulley to fit on the main crank so that the engine can drive a generator or something similar - this would also make the engine look better from this angle and cover the fact that the crankshaft now looks rather long....

I will get back in the workshop at the weekend and do these final updates then update the images.

Oiled and polished oak with bog oak ends and feet.

If you have made a similar engine and would like to share your experience we would love to hear from you - ed.