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Wagon Wheel Stirling Engine - Part 2

Nigel Taylor

The frame now has the plates for the main bearings fitted. I glued these in place and varnished them. The plan is to then clamp a block between them and drill through both in one operation.

You can see the spacer bulkheads at the end of each arm, note two close together on one end to support the frame. This will hopefully add strength as the frame is weak around the bearing plates due to the fact that the flywheel fits in between the upper and lower frames and so no strengthening possible.

The striped holder for the candle was made from strips of light and dark wood glued together with PVA.

I glued the pieces of wood together and then clamped them in the vice and left well alone for a few days.

I then released the vice and left the plates to find there own position before machining.

As you can see I've applied lots of varnish, sanded back and then re-applied varnish.

The bur veneer looks good, but in the end probably won't see much of it as the crank will cover some of this up. Not to worry, attention to detail will pay off when you see hints of these pieces.

The cold end of the displacer cylinder is now machined with the fins and bored. 30mm diameter hole and 30mm long.

Note the step. This is to locate the hot and cold ends of the cylinder - still to be machined is a wooden spacer (I think).

The 60mm diameter fan machined and varnished. I machined in the lathe with the dividing plate and using a slot mill at an angle.

I varnished after sand to shape so that it would hold the wood in position.

I need to now sand the fan blades to a better shape and machine places for the magnets around the edge.

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