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Wood and Metal Beam Engine - Part 5

Nigel Taylor

The next job was to machine the cylinder. For a small engine I decided on a rather large bore of 1 inch (25.4mm). The idea being to get it to run at low pressure.

The cylinder was machined from cast iron.

As you can see in the photos there are a number of steps on the outer surface - this will all make sense very soon.

The top and bottom caps were machined from brass.

The top cap was bored larger than 1 inch so that it would easily clear the piston - note that this is a single sided cylinder.

The hole in the bottom cap is to take the intake/exhaust pipe.

This shows the pieces together with some wooden panelling - hence the earlier steps machined into the outer surface of the cylinder to allow for an air gap.

Not so sure about the wood for this cylinder cladding, it would like nice from bog oak as it would contrast very well with the brass.

I think the piston should be from steel - machined very thin and light - that will be a nice challenge.

I think the cylinder sits a bit high and would be better if I cut away the wooden beams and made a lower platform to hold the cylinder.

The overall look of the engine is approaching what I originally had in my head - gosh, strange what you can have in your head!.

This close up shows that it would be easy to remove the wooden beams and so lower the cylinder 6mm. This looks like it would give me a better looking engine.

I may need to construct a nice system to hold the cylinder at this lower level.

Looking at the cylinder it really would be nice if it was clad in bog oak.

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If you have made a similar engine and would like to share your experience we would love to hear from you - ed.