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Wood and Metal Beam Engine - Part 6

Nigel Taylor

The cylinder looks great here clad in bog oak.

This is with two coats of varnish and a sand in between.

The top ring is fixed with three brass 8BA bolts with round heads.

The bottom brass ring is fixed with three countersunk 8BA bolts.

The three other holes are threaded 8BA and are designed to fix the cylinder to the beam engine frame.

The centre hole is tapped 8mm Metric. The idea is to fix the inlet/exhaust pipe here.

I cut a paper pattern out so that it would give me a lower platform on which to fix the cylinder.

The funny shape is designed to clear the A frame and to give me some space to bend pipes etc around.

This shows this new platform in place. It is held by uprights that have been notched to hold this funny shape plate.

The pencil marks show where the cylinder will fit and the holes required for fixing the cylinder down and the centre inlet/exhaust pipe.

The cylinder located on the plate.

This lower cylinder gives makes the overall proportions much better, before the cylinder was just too high and made the engine feel a touch top heavy.

I need start thinking about linkages....

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