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Wood and Metal Beam Engine - Part 7

Nigel Taylor

The main connecting rod between the big end on the flywheel crank and the end of the beam.

The first two images show the roughed out beam.

I built the beam around the brass bushes. The bushes were machined with countersink to take a 6mm wide slither of plywood.

The connecting rod was built on the engine. The bushes were placed on the beam and crank and the centre beam that you can see in the finished rod was super glued between the bushes.

Thin plywood was then wrapped around the bushes and pva glued to the centre beam. A layer of bog oak was then glued in place and an outer layer of ply wrapped around the beam.

This was allowed to dry overnight.

The connecting rod was then sanded using a high speed rotary sanding bobbin, finished with 0000 wire wool and then varnished.

The above image shows the finished and varnished beam.

The connecting rod between the piston and the beam was machined from brass.

The distance between centres was 78mm.

There are still some machine marks that need polishing out and it needs a general buff to finish.

The piston machined from aluminium. I was going to make it from steel, but in the end cast iron cylinder and aluminium piston just feels like a better combination.

Note there are no piston rings, again unsure as to how wise this is, will see if this is a problem.

Piston and connecting rod assembled with a solid steel gudgeon pin.

Looking down on the piston and connecting rod assembly.

The engine assembled with the main connecting rods now in place.

Three quarter view of the engine assembled.

Now need to work on the valvetrain and the pipework.

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If you have made a similar engine and would like to share your experience we would love to hear from you - ed.