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Wood and Metal Beam Engine - Part 9

Nigel Taylor

The first job was to make a pipe bender.

This picture shows the pipe bender assembled and have just finish bending a 90 bend in a pipe.

With the arm that is used to bend the tube removed you can see a bobbin that was turned with a semi-circular groove to take the pipe.

You can also see the supporting brass blocks that hold the pipe fixed at the end that doesn't move.

As I found out very quickly it is important to get all of the parts of the pipe bender fitting tightly so as to give as much support to the pipe as possible.

You can see the brass blocks pushed as close as possible to the aluminium bobbin.

One of the copper pipes with the bends in place.

The pipe was cut to length after the bends were made as this is not an exact process.

The assembled valve block and pipes.

The pipe on the left is the air inlet.

The pipe in the centre connects to the cylinder.

The pipe on the right is the exhaust.

Still some more plumbing in to do.

Also lots of fettling needed to clean up the solder and get this to a good finish.

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