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Aero Engines

There are a few particular features about aero engines such as air cooling and the propeller thrust is reacted on the main crankshaft bearing.

Boat Engines

Boat engines are normally cooled by pulling the surrounding water through the engine and then ejecting the hot water back into the lake.

Chenery, Les - Famous model engineer and designer of a number of model internal combustion engines.

CO2 Engines

An engine that uses compressed Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as the fuel, basically the same as a compressed air engine or even a steam engine.

The image shows a complete set of parts: engine, fuel tank connected by fine copper pipe to the top of the engine and the refuelling device that a sparklet fits into.


Single, V-twin, inline along with images of other cylinder arrangements.

This relates to internal combustion engines in particular.

External Combustion Engine

The combustion occurs outside of the working cylinder, eg steam engine or stirling engine

Gas Turbine

A turbojet consists of a compressor which is driven by a shaft connected to a turbine with a combustion chamber or chambers linking the two. Air is sucked into the engine it is compressed after which it is passed to the combustion chamber where the fuel is burned.

Half-Breed Engine

A steam engine converted to run on gas. In the early days of internal combustion engines a number of steam engines were converted to run on gas with a hot bulb ignition.

Internal Combustion Engine

An engine where the fuel is combusted inside the cylinder and drives the piston directly with the pressure created by the resultant high pressure gases.

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Steam Engine

An engine driven by high pressure steam.

Stirling Engine

An external combustion engine.

Two-Stroke Cycle

Poor fuel economy is made up for by the reduction in components over the four-stroke engine and specific power per swept capacity. Making the two-stroke particularly popular for aircraft applications and models in general.

Westbury, Edgar T - Famous model engineer and model engine designs.

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Model Engineering Glossary: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z