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A saw for cutting plastics and metals.

If you are cutting a large piece of material like this 50mm diameter mild steel bar then it is a good idea to mark a line around the part - here I used masking tape as it is easy to then remove after cutting.

A good stiff hacksaw frame is essential along with a good quality blade.

Keep the saw in contact with a good pressure and keep the action horizontal.

Note that I′m using all of the blade length - no point in paying for a blade and then only using half of it.

There is no rush, just a steady sawing action.

A steady action with a medium pressure will allow you to cut the piece accurately to a line.

High pressure, short strokes and you are likely to break a blade or just go off the cutting line - this just means you waste material.

You can see from this image that the cut is even and straight.

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