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We have a page with lathe reviews and links through to manufacturers and further resources Lathe reviews.


One of the principal parts of a machine tool, having accurately machined ways or bearing surfaces for supporting and aligning other parts of the machine.

Bench Lathe

A small lathe mounted on a bench or table.

The image to the left shows the HobbyMat MD65.

A slightly larger bench lathe. This particular lathe is a Warco WM240B.


A principal part of a lathe that carries the cutting tool and consists of the saddle, compound rest. and apron.


Over the years they have made various different lathes starting at the watchmakers lathe size (Unimat 3) and going up to industrial CNC machines


Contains the main shaft that the chuck or faceplate is bolted to and which the drive motor and gearing is fitted to. The headstock locates on the bed and the shaft runs parallel to the bed, the accuracy of this alignment is crucial.


Made small bench lathes such as the MD65.


Opposite end of the bed to the head that is moved manually into position and locked. A drill or centre can be fitted to the tailstock that are aligned to the headstock and used to drill or support longer workpieces.


Import and re-badge lathes made in China.

Watchmakers Lathe

A very small lathe designed for machining parts for watches and clocks.

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Model Engineering Glossary: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z