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Akasa Cleaner

This is mainly for the electronics industry or more clearly for the hobbyist electronics industry and PC home builders.


A citrus based cleaner that is safe to use.

I found this great to degrease a surface before soldering or before using surface treament fluids.

As you can see from the packaging it is intended for the electronics/PC markets and is sold by Maplins amongst others.

Once the child safe cap is removed there is a small hole in the top that allows you to squeeze fluid out onto a rag or cloth very easily.

Normal warnings on the back, be careful using this and do not get in your eyes.

As with lots of stuff in the workshop it is best to open a window when you use it.

I used this cleaning solution on the metal parts before applying chemical bluing and this works a treat.

Price: approx 7 for 125ml from Maplin


Works well, safe to use and smells ok.

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