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Thermally Conductive Epoxy

I had an idea to make a thermally conductive epoxy by loading the epoxy with graphite


The first challenge was to get a powdered graphite, you can buy this, but I had some lumps of graphite that I had for machining.

I rubbed the graphite block on a file and then transferred the resultant graphite powder to a plastic mixing tray.

I decided to use slow setting epoxy as it has the highest strength and would give me time to position the parts and align everything.

Once the powder was mixed into the glue the result was a shiny black mixture.

The amounts were just guessed based on what felt about right with the consistency of the glue - I will have to try this again and measure the proportions.



Reviewing a number of papers online it would appear that the thermal conductivity of epoxy resin is around 0.22W/mK and with a loading of graphite of around 2-5% by weight doubles the thermal conductivity.

I wanted this glue to bond a heatsink to a peltier device and to not have any fixings.

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