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Birchwood Gun Blue

Having made some mild steel parts that need to fit in with some original parts that have a black surface treatment I did some searching and came across this liquid based blackening.


The blister pack with the small amount 90ml of fluid.

This particular version is made by Birchwood in the USA.

This is designed to be used as a surface colour repair liquid for guns, but it also states that it can be used for a complete re-blue.

The instructions on the blister pack are limited, more details are on the bottle itself.

You do need to take care, wear gloves and keep out of reach of children. This really is not very nice.

The instructions state that you should clean the surface and rinse with cold water, then use wire wool to again clean and once again to rinse the surface in cold water.

I used cotton buds to apply the liquid to the surface of the metal to be treated. This allowed me to control the quantity and area covered.

You can see here a piece of mild steel that I practised on to get an idea as to the colour and application.

This part has had 2 coats with the surface being cleaned between applications.

I actually found that leaving the liquid on the surface and walking away and allowing it to dry worked well, for me this was around 1 hour. The initial result appeared to have a light rust colour, but once cleaned left a great black surface.

This shows the finished mild steel nut that has been blackended.

I applied 2 coats of liquid to this part and cleaned the surface between coats.

After a final cleaning I applied a light oil and rubbed this into the surface.

The black parts against the bright mild steel look fantastic.

I use an electronics de-greasing liquid that is citrus based, this worked very well.

You can see some slight rusting of the mild steel plate where I applied the liquid and then removed after around 1 hour. I solved this on the parts by applying a light oil after thorough cleaning.

Price: approx 8 for 90ml from (2014)


Does what it says it will do. Read the instructions and be careful when using. I would wear gloves and be careful not to splash onto your clothes.

I liked the results, just the right black to match the existing components.

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