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Carbide DIN 4972L/R Lathe Tools

I bought this to use on the Warco WM240b lathe.

I have owned a smaller set of these before for use on the Unimat 3 and although they are rather crude tools that is there weakness and strength in one.


The DIN 4972R is the tool that I will probably use the most as it is perfect for first machining cuts on rough castings.

DIN 4972L is the other hand and will get use machining shoulders especially when working between centres on something that I don′t want to flip around in the chuck.

This shows the heavy carbide tool lined up against a similar tool with a replaceable carbide insert - glanze tooling.

This shows a damaged insert and although replaceable these are quite easy to damage when machining rough castings and these replaceable inserts cost between 2 and 4 each.

The thing you do get with the replaceable inserts is a much finer tool that is coated and has a great cutting edge.

Price: approx 8 for the pair

Here making a rough cut on a piece of cast iron round bar, even with this quite clean bar the outer surface can be quite rough and variable in quality.


These tools are great for use on rough castings to remove the initial material. You can grind these tools back into shape with a green grit wheel or even use a diamond abrasive to get a fine finish.

The downside is you cannot replace the carbide bits, but as these are available for the price of just a TCT insert then this is not such a problem.

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