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Glanze Profiling Tool

I bought this to use on the Warco WM240b lathe.

The tool comes with a torx key, but no space insert. Although being round you can rotate the insert and so re-use more of the cutting edge before giving up on the bit.


A close up of the insert shows the fine edge and the slight serations on the inner surface to break chips.

The thing that surprised me when this arrived from Chronos was how short the tool is overall.

The tool is quite short if you want to hold it at the extreme points of the toolholder. However, the tool is stiff enough to be held just by 2 of the fixing points.

Here it is compared to the Glanze TCT that I bought previously.

Price: approx 22 for the 12mm tool and 4 for a spare 6mm diameter tip


The tool holder is a tad on the short side, but having said that this is a great tool to have for turning cast iron.

The finish you get with the tool is fantastic. I used it to face and finish a cast iron piston and the result was stunning.

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