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Lathe Tool Reviews

The tool that is held in a toolpost on the lathe cross-slide and which is feed into the rotating workpiece to machine it to size.

Carbide Tools - Lathe cutting tools to which carbide tip inserts have been brazed or screwed, to provide cutting action on harder materials than the high speed cutters are capable of.

Review - Carbide DIN 4972 Lathe Tools - 12mm x 12mm left and right tools - robust and great for rough work.

Review - Glanze Profiling Tool - a 6mm diameter cutting tool.

Review - Glanze TCT Tools - With the Warco 240B lathe I needed some larger carbide tipped cutting tools

Make - Knurling Tool - I have had two knurling wheels laying in a drawer for about 20 years and have just finally got round to making a holder, simple really.

Review - Soba 12mm HSS Lathe Tools - These are not cheap, but a great way to get a set of tools to start working with.

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