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Performance Power - Cleaning and Polishing Set


There is a mix here of cleaning, polishing and abrasive bits for the Dremel type drill. I bought this set rather than the more expensive single pieces available from Dremel - there brass wire brush was 3.50 and I thought this looked like a great buy at 6.50

There are a lot of different bits.

The first bit I tried was the brass wire brush - well, as you can see below it is destroyed - this was 2 minutes in a Dremel and being used on some small copper pipe.

I think my speed was probably too high for it and so will have another go and let you know what the other bits are like.

Price: approx 6.50


First impressions, wish I'd gone with my instinct and bought a single Dremel wire brush as I believe this would have stayed in one piece for a lot longer.

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