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Worx 14.4V Ni-cad Cordless Drill/Driver


Drill Driver:

  • Variable speed & Reverse
  • 0-600rpm
  • 10mm Keyless Chuck
  • 14 Torque Settings + Drill


The contacts for the battery pack have never been an issue.

The charger works well, but the charge light never went out even if you left the pack on charge for more than a day...interesting as when you did this you got a huge amount of torque available from the drill.

Price: Drill/Driver approx 40.00 when bought in 2008 (that is more guess than anything).


I bought this drill some time ago and it really has done a lot of work and finally the battery has given up. As these are really not worth repairing I thought it would be good to disassemble and show the workings.

top left you can see the spirit level bubble and next to it the heat sink and power transistor attached.

The motor, gearbox and chuck output shaft are a really nicely contained unit.

Below the motor you can see the trigger and on top of this the level that is operated by the forward and reverse button.

The power transistor attached to the heat sink and place in the airflow at the back of the drill.

The amount of dirt and dust in the drill was quite limited considering the age of the drill.

At the rear of the motor through the cooling slot you can clearly see the motor fan. This was quite effective at pulling air through the drill when in use.

The variable speed control, trigger and reverse switch on the top.

The first stage of the gearbox, the motor has a small pinion that is the sun gear in the epicyclic. The 3 planets and the outer ring gear is left behind in the gearbox.

The 3 planet gears removed and laying on the cover sheet. The bearing shafts can be clearly seen in the gearbox.

The above images show the torque control mechanism. Also, the output from the gearbox is via a second epicyclic gearbox with the sun gear being driven from the first gearbox and the output to the chuck being taken from the planets of this second gearbox.

The outer ring gear is all one part with one set of gears having been machined. A nice, easy and consistent way to build the gearbox.

The top removed from the battery case.

cardboard sheets have been used as protection and each battery is wrapped in cardboard.

The battery consists of 12 batteries in series 12 x 1.2V = 14.4V and are arranged with 11 in the main case and the 12th in the upper part of the case that plugs into the main drill body.

Once you remove the cardboard you can then see the nickel plated busbars that have been welded between batteries.

ANother view with the case completely removed showing the 11+1 battery arrangement.

The model number for the battery, may be worth searching on ebay for similar cells and rebuilding a pack, then again maybe not.

I pulled the battery apart to show the series arrangement very clearly.


This has been a great drill for the money and has lasted 6 years, will be good to see how well my latest lithium battery powered cordless drill will last - Erbauer Cordless Drill.

Being able to rest the drill upright on the battery base is a great feature.

The metal gears have not shown any sign of wear, I imagine this drill would have lasted another 6 years if it had a reasonable battery....

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