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Record Power AC1 Dust Filtration

Dust extraction is something you must have with wood working machines. However, you are often left with a fine dust that circulates around the workshop for some time afterwards.

  • Voltage: 240 V
  • Power Input: 150 W
  • Flow rate: 400 cfm
  • Weight: 22.0 kg
  • Size: W510 x H300 x D495 mm


This is quite a big unit. On second thoughts far too big for my quite small workshop....I′ll get back to that later.

The control panel has a fuse and a simple on/off button. There is a separate remote control that comes with the system and is useful if you mount this high up in the rafters.

The unit comes with a set of hooks that fit into the top of the unit and a set of large hooks with woodscrews on the end that can be screwed into the rafters.

This unit does not come with any chains or otherwise to hang the unit up with.

A single thumb screw and the panel covering the filter can be removed.

This unit comes with a washable single stage filter - there is no mention anywhere of how fine this unit can filter the dust, I assume 5 micron as this tends to be the standard for most first stage filters (let me know if you have measured it).

Being able to wash the filter is an advantage as the filters on some other units can be costly.

I decided to hang the unit up high in my workshop (well above my head). The unit itself has some vibration and generates quite a lot of noise, therefore, I decided to isolate the unit. For this I bought some exhaust hangers from Halfords - they were rather large and some I cut them in half with a Stanley knife.

The unit hangs on four of these rubber rings.

Even with four the rubber is stretched quite some way, but I checked them out and reckoned they would nearly hold my weight, so just over 5kg on each should be fine.

The unit installed.

I threaded the cable over the top of the unit and down one side to the socket.

Beware, this unit is not quiet and you really will not want it running all of the time.

When you first switch the unit on it vibrates and rattles as it come up to speed - I checked this wasn′t just my installation by placing it on a rubber mat on the floor and trying it - still rattles and vibrates as it comes back up to speed.

Thought about taking it back, but thought worth having a go first.

Price: approx 200


This would be best in a large workshop. The unit moves a lot of air and does a great job of cleaning the air, although they don′t say to what degree.

I bought this unit from Alscot Timber they charged me 255 for it and as soon as I got home and realised the manual was missing I checked online for their phone number and realised they had it for 220....I phoned and asked what was going on and was told it had changed price just after I left - not so happy about that!

Have a look at Record Power and compare the specifications of the dust filters online.

All in this unit is just too big for the home workshop and too noisy. For small workshops it might be worth having a look at Microclene (Microclene MC100).

See also: Microclene MC100, Record Power DX1000 Dust Extractor, Tools.