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Maplin Bench Power SUpply

There are times when I want a power supply in the workshop to test a motor or to power a model that I have on the bench.

  • Ideal power supply for use in labs, schools or workshops
  • High quality selectable output, 1 to 20V and 0 to 5A
  • Large clear illuminated 3-digit LCD screen shows voltage and current
  • Slim tower housing - ideal for workbenches where space is tight
  • Output on/off button for safety
  • Short circuit, overload and over temperature protection

The outputs are 4mm banana sockets and the power supply comes with long leads with banana plugs on one end and crocodile clips on the other, perfect for hooking up to a motor or circuit.

The main on/off switch for the power supply is on the rear. On the front is another on/off switch that controls allows you to switch the low voltage output on and off, useful if you are testing a circuit.

The display is very clear and shows the output voltage, current and a nice clear switch symbol indicating if the output circuit is open or closed.

There are two small volume controls that allow you to set the output voltage and to limit the current.

Price: approx 60.00 from


This is a light duty unit and perfectly serviceable. I tried powering one of my solenoid based motors and although it just about managed to do it, it was marginal. I have run this solenoid engine perfectly well on a larger power supply at 15V and peak of 1A, but this motor is quite a hefty inductive load when the current is switched on to the coil.

Overall a good basic bench power supply for light duty use. The overall size is nice and small and the price is pretty good.

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