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Warco Arbor Press

If you want to form some on a repeated basis, press in bearings or even remove parts then you need a press.


This image shows the adjustment screws at the front and to the side, these allow you to take any play out of the rack.

The latest Warco Arbor Presses come in grey with an anvil that rotates to give four different slot sizes. Otherwise, the new version is very similar to this older one.


  • Daylight 114mm
  • Throat 83mm
  • Capacity 500kg (1/2 ton)

One thing you must do with this press is bolt it down when you use it and for this it has two 8mm bolt holes towards the rear.

The steel ram has a hole in the end and a bolt in the side so that you can fit a pinion or die and lock it in place.

Price: 49.


I often need to press bearings into the small engines I make and this is perfect. 1/2 ton is limited, but I tend to only make small stuff.

This will also be perfect for some paper embossing that I want to do, will let you know how this works out.

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