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Measuring Instruments


Make - Laser Alignment - laser alignment for the mill/drill, a cheaper alternative.

Angle Measurement

Review - Wixey Angle Gauge - A small digital angle gauge.


A measuring instrument used to measure the distance between two points or the inside or outside dimensions of an object.

Review - Arc Euro Digital Caliper - A 150mm/6" digital caliper with mm, inches and fractions. A nice large and bright display.

Review - Digital Caliper - A 150mm/6" digital caliper.


Measuring instrument.


Review - Incra Protractor - a thin metal protractor designed for 0.5mm thick propelling pencils.


Review - Incra Rule - a thin metal protractor designed for 0.5mm thick propelling pencils.

Review - Lufkin Rule - A small 6 inch rule with conversion tables.


Review - My Weigh 440-Z Digital Scales - A small set of accurate scales that measure up to 440g with an accuracy of 0.1g.


Make - Scriber - a broken carbide end mill gave me an idea.


Review - DIN 875 Square - A must have flat square.

Vernier Caliper

The vernier caliper is a useful addition to any model makers set of tools as it is easy to use and provides inner, outer and depth gauge all in one. If you don't know how to read a vernier scale it is explained in simple terms here. A note on reading the vernier is available in our Model Engineering Glossary

See also: Tools.