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Milling Machine Reviews

Machine tool used to machine materials where the workpiece is fixed to a table and moved in XYZ relative to a rotating cutting tool. They exist in two basic forms: horizontal and vertical, which terms refer to the orientation of the cutting tool spindle. More general information in our Milling Machine - glossary pages.


Emco Unimat 3

Review - Unimat 3 Milling Machine - a great general purpose small lathe and milling machine.


Quite a rare machine to find nowadays even on ebay. There appears to be a modern copy made by Teco -

Real Bull

Chinese lathe and milling machine manufacturer:

Real Bull XJ9512

Review - Amadeal XJ12-300 Mini Mill - a small milling machine that is just right for the model maker.

Mini Mill Gas Strut Conversion - a worthwhile modification to this milling machine.

Mini Mill Digital readout - this has transformed my life with this mill.

Mini Mill Belt Drive - there are no kits available for the Amadeal XJ12-300 so had to do my own conversion.

Worth noting that the gearbox on these machines is not that great, see: Mini Mill Gearbox Problems.
Real Bull XJ9520
Real Bull XJ9525


These are sold under many different names, including: Clarke, Axminster and as Sieg

Sieg X1

External Review - Sieg X1 - - a brief overview and some issues with the Axminster version of the Sieg X1 micro-milling machine

Sieg Super X1

External Review - Sieg X1 - - Our original Axminster milling machine has undergone several modifications since we purchased it.

Sieg X2

External Review - Sieg X2 - HossMachine - this is more about the modifications to this little milling machine, but at the same time gives a great idea as to what it is capable of and where the shortfalls are

External Review - Sieg X2 - Harbor Freight - youtube video describing how to remove the chuck along with a general description of the mill.

Sieg SX2LF

External Review - Sieg X2 - Titan Machinery - a description of the milling machine that is sat in a display showroom

Sieg X3

External Review - Sieg X3 CNC - First run X3 with CNC - a video of the first run of an X3 that has been converted to CNC


The machine and tool company in Nanjing, China that manufactures lathes that you will see imported and sold as Warco, Amadeal, Toolco amongst other names.

Their website gives a good idea of the total product range:

Grizzly - USA based tool supplier, import their own flavour of Weiss milling machines

Warco - UK based tool supplier, import their own flavour of Weiss milling machines, past and present models included.

Weiss 14V

External Review - Warco WM14 - The Journeyman′s Workshop - "I might, with hindsight, have been better off with the next machine up the range, the WM16, as this has a bigger table, built in speed indicator etc. However I had to start somewhere and for a first machine I am very pleased."

Weiss 16V

Looking for some reviews of this machine

Weiss 20V

External Review - Grizzly G0704 - - this is more about the modifications to this little milling machine. As pointed out on this website this is more commonly known as a BF20.

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