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Mini Mill Digital Readout Conversion

As I have pointed out previously the dials on the Amadeal XJ-300 are all marked incorrectly and although you can do the multiply by 2 in your head it does get annoying.

So after some time looking around I bought a 300 mm digital scale with remote readout from Arc Euro Trade - cost approximately 35.

The remote readout has 2 permanent magents on the back and so easily attaches to the head. This box also contains two batteries to power the device.

The actual I bolted to the right hand side of the column with 2 off 4mm caphead bolts, 1 top and another at the bottom.

The only issue is you need to remove the spring assister mechanism as this sticks all the way through the column. I converted the column to a gas strut first - Mini Mill Gas Strut Conversion.

The 4mm caphead bolt fixing the top - looking at it now I should fit a wasjer under the head.

I loosely fitted the bar at first and then ran the head up and down the column to check all was aligned before I tightened the bolts up fully.

The drilled and bent a piece of thin brass to use as the strap from the head of the milling machine to the travelling unit on the beam.

The unit came with a bracket, but this was the wrong shape and just too thick to do anything with.

I cable tied the leads, this one on the front also stops the unit from falling onto the table if the magnets give up or probably more likely it gets knocked.

Another cable tie to gather everything up, just make sure the lead does not get caught on anything - in this particular case the lead goes around the back of the column and can get caught on the hole left behind after removing the spring assist.

All in this is an easy conversion, I did this in around 1 hour, but allow 2 hours to get it just right.

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