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3M Safety reading Glasses

Since the age of around 42 I have been using off-the-shelf reading glasses with a magnification of arouns +1 to +1.5, as I have got older they have needed to get stronger and for best results I need prescriptions readers.

In the workshop I use a mix of glasses, but now and again the normal glasses are not stopping some very hot swarf that is coming off the lathe and mill at some speed - I really need safety glasses at this point.

For some time I have searched for safety readers online and found nothing, then I visited an Axminster store and found these 3M glasses and at a very reasonable price of around 10 - and they have +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50

The arms of the glasses are rubberised and springy and so clip around the ears and hold in place very securely.

As you can see, these are +1.50 readers.

The lenses wrap around your face and give full protection to your eyes and are great at stopping stray swarf from catching you out.

You can just about see the bifocal nature of the glasses.

The bifocal part is quite drammatic and not gradual as in some prescription glasses, but once you get used to it they work really well and allow you to work generally at a distance and close to.


If you use off-the-shelf reading glasses and need some safety glasses then these may be just perfect.

The cost is low and the bifocal part works really well.

A great product from 3M and well done.

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