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Spear and Jackson Hand Saw

So this is the Spear and Jackson Predator - the name conjours up all sorts of thoughts.


Soft moulded handle
0.91mm thick blade
45° and 90° built into the handle


The first thing that struck me was the blade was thicker. So a quick check with a digital vernier and my old saw measured 0.8mm thick and this new saw 0.91mm thick. The difference in blade stiffness is quite remarkable.

The soft grip on the handle gives a good feel and the handle is chunky enough for big hands.

I just used it to cut down a sheet of MDF and it sliced through very easily and kept a very straight line.

The 45° and 90° built into the handle make it very handy to mark out a piece of wood. The saw I bought was quite accurate, if you are unsure then mark out one way and then flip the saw over and mark out approaching the line from the other direction. The two right angles should match.

Price: approx 11.94 from Jewson.


A nicely priced handsaw for the toolbox that cuts very easily and is a delight to use.

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