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1 2 3 Blocks

Technically these are 10-20-40 and 20-40-80 Blocks and Arc Euro Trade calls them Stevenson's Blocks.


Great for jacking up workpieces, aligning workpieces on a milling table or using as a measuring aid.

Toughened and precision ground steel packing blocks with 8 TAPPED and 8 CLEARANCE holes allowing two or more blocks to be connected together in various configurations such as angle blocks, tee blocks, or used as a fixture to hold small parts for machining.

The smaller pair are 10x20x40mm with 6mm tapped threads and clearance holes.

The larger pair are 20x40x80mm with 8mm tapped threads and clearance holes.

I checked the dimensions with a digital caliper between the large and small blocks and they are the same within the tolerance of the caliper (0.01mm).

Price: approx 12 and 18 for these sets.


Accurate, nicely machined. A useful aid when setting items up on a table.

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