Snippets and pages about engineering – if you’re looking for the Workshop Calculator this page has the download.

Drill Bit Basics – some fundamental basics around drill bits from 100 years ago – little changes in engineering.

Gear Design – Some fundamentals about gear terminology and design parameters, separate page on some of the basics with regards to gear noise.

Metals – a page about all of the different types of metal, along with cutting tool parameters and examples of the use.

Nuts & Bolts – A type of hardware fastener with a threaded hole & a cylindrical threaded fastener – together we have a nut & bolt

Oil & Lubrication – Liquid that reduces friction or wear, or both, between the moving parts within an engine; removes heat, particularly from the underside of pistons; and serves as a combustion gas sealant for the piston rings.

Tapers – Jacobs for chuck arbors and Morse for machine to chuck arbors, centres etc.

Threads – A helical projection of uniform section on the internal or external surface of cylinder or cone. Also, the operation of cutting a screw thread. Lots of subpages to this including: BAmetric threads See also the life of the tap wrench.

Workholding – there are many different ways to hold a workpiece. Sometimes the fun of engineering is working out how to hold and machine a part. Sometimes you need inspiration.