Solenoid V-Twin Motor

After making a solenoid motor in a couple of afternoons in the workshop I thought I should go for something rather more sophisticated. One of the first objectives was to measure and improve the force developed by the solenoid.

solenoid-vtwin-002This was constructed as a 45° V-Twin with a 4-stroke action on the solenoids, hence the 2:1 gearing on the operation of the switches. The gears (see also: Gear Design) were cut using a combination of Hobbymat MD65 lathe and Unimat 3 milling machine.

The frame of the engine was made from a homemade plywood, giving a lovely contrast in wood colours along the edge of the frame.

Each cylinder fits to one of these plywood frames and the crank boss goes through the 2 frames at the bottom, this allowed me to stagger the frames and so give the necessary offset for each cylinder centre, needed for a single pin big end.

solenoid-vtwin-003From the rear of the engine you can see the single pin.

The crank is nearly at bottom dead centre and so both pistons for the solenoids are out of the bottom of the coils.

This image nicely shows the frame in which the engine is mounted. This is a boat shaped frame, designed to represent the lower part of a bike frame.

solenoid-vtwin-004The idea behind the 45° V-Twin with a 4-stroke action was to create a Harley-Davidson like sound from a solenoid motor. You can judge how close I got to this target by watching the youtube video of the engine running and listening to the sound.

The video shows the engine at an earlier stage when it was mounted in a rough working frame – I use this type of frame a lot as it allows me to work on the engine in the workshop and not worry if I damage it.

The power to the engine is provided by 4mm banana plugs and the engine needs a good 12V 2.5A power supply to run well.

I must update the plastic covered brown and blue cables with some cloth covered ones as they will add to the look – this motor is all about looks…

More of my engines are in my gallery page.

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