Transitional Engine

This engine is occupying a lot of my time and so thought it is about time it went onto my gallery page even if still a work in progress. You will have to bear with me as it progresses and I update different pages.

Glimpses of this engine along with some of the machining of parts are regulars on my instagram posts. Every single part of this engine is taking quite a lot of effort to design and to machine – part of the issue is the deign is in my head and evolves as the build progresses. The trick will be getting this engine to fire and run correctly.

The crankshaft is described on a separate page as it was machined from a solid piece of mild steel.

The crankshaft has been back in the lathe a number of times to ensure that is absolutely correct and to slightly modify the webs.

The I-beam frame has taken a lot of effort to machine, but the result is superb.

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Have been making models since I was around 7 years old and using a lathe from the age of 11, a self taught engineer with a passion for making model engines.

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