Nigel Taylor – Gallery

I’ve tried to list the models that I’ve made over the years chronologically from the latest backwards. Where possible I’ve linked to pages with more details of the models. In between I’ve added links to tools and other stuff that I’ve made along the way, some of these are tools made to assist me when making the models, others just for general interest.

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Transitional Engine – Currently on the workbench and progressing well is a transitional engine – 1900ish horizontal steam engine that has been converted to run on gas.

This is not really an engine for the gallery yet as it is quite a way off being finished, but the bded, cylinder, frame, head, crank, conrod and flywheel are all in place.

Therefore, if nothing else, it’s worth taking you through the progress and design as I go.

Oscillating Engine – my wife had treated me to a new lathe, a Warco WM240B and as this was a much larger lathe than I had previously owned I thought it was appropriate to make a chunky engine. I’ve never made an oscillating engine before, this is all to my own design.

Poppet Valve Single Cylinder – a simple single cylinder four-stroke.

This is one of those engines where I build some parts, I look at it, have a think and go back to it to do some more work.

Lamp Post Engine – I was inspired by the engines that Ben Peake makes to do something a bit different and this engine was the result.

I must admit that I’m never quite sure whether I should add a light to the top of the post and a generator running off the flywheel to power a small LED.

The base is a piece of wood machined to look like a road with a gutter, brass drain cover and a kerbstone and path.

Picaxe Robot – this was really a lesson in Picaxe controllers and how to build a basic circuit and write some simple code. Of course, the robot had to look interesting as well.

V-Twin Solenoid Motor – this really is a strange motor, a 4 stroke v-twin with a common crank pin – a sort of Harley-Davidson configuration, but driven by homemade solenoids rather than petrol.

This engine took quite some time to produce with plywood made out of hardwoods and gears cut on a Hobbymat lathe for the 2:1 reduction.

The resultant sound when it runs is rather fun and evocative of the Harley!!!

Solenoid Motor – this really is a very poor linear electric motor and is more of an executive toy than anything else.

This is a really simple build and I now have plans available for this simple to make model, although you will need or have access to a lathe.

It does make a nice cranking sound as it runs.

5 Cylinder Rotary – this is one of my favourite engines that I’ve built. It took a number of years as I packed the part made engine away safely whilst moving house and didn’t locate it again for a couple of years.

Wood and Metal Beam Engine – this engine was all about the look. I wanted to make a beam engine from wood and had an idea in my head to build the beam around the main column rather than the normal arrangement of one beam and a bearing either side.

The engine is single acting, runs very well and has a great feel to it.

Bog Oak Chair – I was given some small pieces of bog oak and it made me wonder what I could make from it. The result is a tiny 1/12th scale chair that sits easily on the palm of your hand.

Inline Twin Glow Plug Engine – This engine was made in the summer of 1987. It has the cylinder liners, pistons and conrods from two OS 25FSR glow engines. This engine was at the 1988 Model Engineer Exhibition and received a Highly Commended and appeared in a magazine.

Single Cylinder Horizontal Four-Stroke Engine – This engine is very agricultural in appearance and design, but was the first engine that I designed from scratch and fabricated everything for (apart from the spark plug). The keyword is simple.

Stuart 10V – this was the first engine I made and was around 1980 when it was finished. This engine runs really well on compressed air, but must admit that I’ve never run it on steam.

Ford Model T – One of the first models I built was this 1/8th Scale Ford Model T – built from scratch from plans that I had bought of the car.