Trusco Toolbox

Trusco Toolbox

I walked into the hardware store in Frome and saw this Trusco toolbox. Made from a thicker grade of steel and painted to a high finish, this feels like a really high quality product.

Frome Hardware Store: you can visit them here: 18 Catherine Hill, Frome, Somerset or their website:

Trustco Toolbox

This is the Trusco ST-350 and I believe the 2 stands for 2-layers.

The basic dimensions are: 350 x 160 x 185 mm (these are rough dimensions with the handles folded flat).

Trustco Toolbox

The box is a simple 2-layer design. It has overlapping top tray covers that have a hinged handle.

The top tray has inside dimensions of 335 x 75 x 45 mm (the 45mm height is at the lowest point).

Trustco Toolbox

The dividers can be stored at one end. Or fitted into one of four slots. This gives a great level of flexibility.

I will be changing this around as I collect together a beautiful set of tools to keep in it.

The main volume is a very reasonable 340 x 155 x 100mm. I know what everyone is thinking, how can the main tray be longer than the two upper trays? Well, they are not, it is just that the dividers get stored at the ends of the upper trays if you don’t want to use them.

Trustco Toolbox

Even the dividers are made to a really high quality. Plus, the dividers slot into place and have been designed to stay in place.

This is not a cheap toolbox at £75, but I have to say that the Trusco Toolbox is the Rolls-Royce of toolboxes.

I think I’m going to build a top quality set of tools for use in the home – a Rolls-Royce starter toolset.

Trustco Toolbox
Hinge Design on the Trustco Toolbox
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