Poppet Valve Single

The idea was to make a single cylinder 4-stroke and to make it simple with a poppet valve. Not sure my terminology is correct here, what I mean is an actuated exhaust valve and an intake valve that opens under depression in the cylinder.

  • Crank
  • Crankcase – this has been a joy to machine.
  • Cylinder – machining the cooling fins is not so easy.
    • Head – I started with an aluminium head and after lots of machining swapped to steel.
    • Liner – a mild steel liner
  • Flywheel – simple mild steel flywheel
  • Spark Plug – I bought a 1/4″ x 32 plug.
  • Timing Gears – machined by me on the Hobbymat

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Have been making models since I was around 7 years old and using a lathe from the age of 11, a self taught engineer with a passion for making model engines.

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