Brass Standards

Brass Gears

There are two basic classes of brass:

  1. Alpha alloys – less than 37% zinc – ductile and can be cold worked.
  2. alpha/beta or duplex alloys – 37-45% zinc – have limited cold ductility and are harder and stronger.

Note: the brass gears were cut using the Hobbymat MD65 and were made for the Solenoid v-Twin.

British Standards:

  • CZ101
  • CZ108 Brass – A common, high purity brass alloy suited to many general applications and often used used in general electrical engineering (sheet/strip products). Hardness and strength are both excellent and this alloy is well suited to cold forming.
  • CZ112 Naval Brass – added tin gives better corrosion resistance.
  • CZ116 Higher Tensile Brass
  • CZ121 Free Machining Brass – cold working is poor.
  • CZ126 Arsenical Brass – increased resistance to corrosion. Its ductility and strength is better than other common alloys.
  • CZ131 Turning and Riveting Brass


Other Descriptions:

  • Yellow brass – An American term for 67/33 or 65/35 brass.


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