Flexible Boat Building

roskilde-viking-boat-01The viking boat museum recreate boats using old methods of splitting logs with an axe, a key advantage of this method is that you get long grain in the resultant planks and so they are very flexible – you can see the boats that have been reconstructed using the methods used by the Vikings are very flexible. A very flexible boat is easy to row, moving  smoothly and with much less effort over the waves.

Is this something we can learn in the model making world?


The Viking Boat Museum at Roskilde in Denmark is a great day out with lots to do for the whole family. There are 5 Viking ships that were found in Roskilde Fjord, recovered and are now on permanent display in the museum.

The shipyard at the museum has rebuilt a number of these Viking ships amongst other ships they have made and now sail them on day trips and longer reconstructions of historical Viking voyages. This allows them to understand how the ships were made and how they were used. A tour of the shipyard is a great experience for anybody interested in how ships are constructed.

The models, one of which is shown at the top of this article, are brilliant reconstructions of the 5 Viking ships that are now on permanent display in the main museum.


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