The Simple Oil Can


The oil can is such a day to day object in the workshop, but after a couple of years my cheap buy from the internet failed me. I really could not bring myself to fix it as these are not meant to be taken apart.

My replacement was this Laser Tools oil can that I purchased from Halfords.

This is of the style of the previous oil can, simple design – what could go wrong.

The nozzle is a flexible tube with a piece of wire down the centre to allow it to be bent into a position.

A small brass ferrule at the end has a taper that allows oil to be delivered to the oil holes on machines.

A pool of oil on the HobbyMat lathe bed.

I wind the saddle to the extremes of the travel and apply oil to the main leadscrew.

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Have been making models since I was around 7 years old and using a lathe from the age of 11, a self taught engineer with a passion for making model engines.

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